Preparing & Sending Files

Preparing files for print

1. Check your file is complete and ready to be created into a PDF, things to look out for: document is at the correct size, there is bleed if necessary, images used are high resolution, text is spelt correctly etc.

2. Prepare your PDF (if you need help, refer to our Step by Step Guidelines)

3. Check your PDF thoroughly, some things to look out for: Does your file have necessary bleed? Is the resolution of your file good enough to be printed?

4. If all is correct, you are ready to send us/upload your file.

5. Please remember that Turn Around time is calculated from the day we receive your correctly supplied files.

Sending files later?

If you decide to/have selected "Send files later" when adding your product to cart, this is how you can get your files to us:

If your file small enough in file size to email: State the [purhcase reference number] as the subject line of your email and email your file to

Otherwise: If your file exceeds 50mb and you cannot downsize the file any more, we recommend you try using an external file upload site like dropbox or yousendit (please note that The Online Printer is not related to the mentioned file upload sites, use external sites with discretion).

Printable File Formats

To make sure that we are printing exactly what you are seeing at your end, we only accept Portable Document Formats (PDF). The efficiency that this provides means that you are able to reap the benefits of our cheap pricing. There are step by step instructions on how to create a portable document from common artwork programmes available here on The Online Printer.

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