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Greeting Cards

Traditional Greeting cards (158mm x 110mm (Folded Size)), printed single sided on 300gsm silk coated stock.

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Show someone how much you care with a personalised or branded greeting card. Get one for the company and send it off to a birthday, wedding and to any other celebration. For small extra charge, we can print more than one type of artwork. Choose from A6, A5 or a more traditional size of 158mm x 110mm (Folded Size). 

*** please note sizes quoted are folded size ***

If this is your first go, follow the basic steps below and you will be on your way!

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Step by Step Help

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Step 1 - Choose a Quantity: Enter how many cards you want (Note: it gets cheaper per card when you print more! See for yourself - increase the quantity and watch the cost per unit go down!)

Step 2 - Sides: Would you like to have single or double sided printing for your cards?

Step 3 - Size: Select what size you would like your Greeting Cards to be.

Step 4 - Stocks: What stock would you like your cards to be printed on? Find out more on paper stock options here.

Step 5 - Laminated: Would you like your cards laminated? Matt or Gloss laminated - or a combination of both? Find out more on laminate options here. 

Step 6 - Folding: Your Greeting Cards will be folded down the centre as per the diagram.

Step 7 - Artwork Variation: if you have one design, leave this on 1. If you want more designs you can choose up to 10 - for only a small extra setup charge. Make sure your artwork is supplied correctly. If required, click here for helpful tips on artwork bleed.

* All prices advertised are excluding GST unless otherwise stated and in New Zealand dollars. Please read terms and conditions before ordering and contact us if you have any questions. We deliver only with-in New Zealand, see delivery expectations

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