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10x10mm sized sticker, printed full colour on a permanent gloss adhesive. Kiss cut and supplied in sheets.

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Step by Step Help

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Step 1 - Choose a Quantity: Enter how many stickers you want (Note: it gets cheaper when you print more! See for yourself - increase the quantity and watch the cost per unit go down!)

Step 2 - Size: Please select a size for your stickers.

Step 3 - Stock: What adhesive stock would you like your stickers to be printed on? Find out more on adhesive stock options here.

Step 4 - Choose how you would like the stickers supplied: You have the ability to choose to have them supplied as sheets of stickers or as individual stickers. Find out more about how your stickers can be supplied here. 

Step 5 - Lamination: Choose an optional laminate finish for your stickers.

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