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A5 Art Canvas (210mm x 148mm), gallery-quality giclée art printed on 78% cotton fibre base, a high quality white canvas, printed with commercial long lasting inks. Sealed in a museum grade protective laminate. Stretched on kiln dried stretcher bars.

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Step 1 - Choose a Quantity: Enter how many canvas prints you want (Note: it gets cheaper when you print more! See for yourself - increase the quantity and watch the cost per unit go down!)

Step 2 - Size: Select what size you would like your canvas print to be.

Step 3 - Canvas Stock: What stock would you like your canvas to be printed on? Premium artist canvas while being slightly more expensive is a higher quality and will last longer.  Find out more on paper stock options here.

Step 4 - Coating Finish: We seal all of our canvas prints in a museum grade protective laminate.

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