THE ART OF PRINT provides a system for artists to sell their printed products online in a variety of different formats. We print the artwork and ship it directly.

How it all works

Have you ever had some artwork that you thought you could print and sell? But then after looking at the initial investment required thought that perhaps it's too much of a risk or isn't viable?

Well our exciting new concept says YOU CAN!

You design it, we print it, we sell it and send it on your behalf!

We offer a bunch of products that you can turn into your own by adding art, design or photography. It can be a music album, DVD, book, magazine, greeting card, postcard or poster. We are always looking at what products we can add, and keen to hear about people's ideas.

Whats your investment cost?

You need to be able to supply the artwork, and promote your products. For a limited time we will not charge any setup costs. Even when we do, they are only payable when you sell stuff. That's cool!

How can we do it?

We are on demand printers, so we can print your products only once they have been sold. There are a few different price methods which can help improve your return once we identify popular products.