The Same Moon and Sun

by Mr Roberelli


Back when we were making our first album, Robin Depledge had just been born. Annie-May Depledge then appeared somewhere between albums three and four. Coinciding with the release of this latest effort is Oscar Wigley, the first boy in the Roberelli clan. Sophie and Jessica have been around for the whole journey and they are now giving musical opinions and playing instruments on songs. Some things change, some stay the same. As with any Mr Roberelli album, number seven offers a healthy dose of characters, places, celebrations and questions. Characters include Polly Syllabic, the girl who loves to use big words; Brave Robbie, who claims he’s not afraid of anything; the Janitor, with his astounding bunch of keys; and the mysterious boy whose hair stretches up into the atmosphere. Among the places we thought deserved a song are the colourful Zamboanga (in the Philippines), the branches of the Jacaranda tree, and a rat’s belly. Enjoy! Thanks to the following wonderful people for their contributions to this album, both musical and otherwise: Joseph Johns, Lisa Davis, Yair Katz, Jen Gorbey, Sophie Wolff-Wigley, Jessica Wolff-Wigley. Recorded at home on equipment generously gifted by TRSS Class 7, 2014. Lots of love!! For Annie-May, Robin, Jessica, Sophie, and … Oscar!


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