by Mr Roberelli


Bald men, bobbing bottle-tops, broken bones, babies with beards!! Where would you ever fi nd all these things together? Look no further folks! All this and much more awaits you on the new Mr Roberelli album “Skinkypants.” As always, there is much variety and strangeness in our songs to feed your imagination. There is a whole lot of courage too. You will meet Brave Horatius, a hero from ancient history, as well as “the boy who couldn’t whistle” and the valiant skink, trying to escape all the cats in the garden. Another theme that runs through this album is music itself. See how many songs you can fi nd about music! Can you count them on one hand?

We love sending this music into the world. It’s great that so many families are enjoying it and telling their friends about it. We are working on another collection of songs, so look out for it soon.

Many thanks to all the team who support us. Special gratitude goes to maestro Stewart Allan, who put a lot of love and extraordinary talent into “Skinkypants.” Thanks also to his family, who let him spend so much time recording with us. Joseph Johns - thank you for your kindness. Jen Gorbey

- lots of love!

For Soph, Jess, Robin and Annie-May

Recorded and produced with Stewart Allan at The Treehouse, 2014


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