Like a Million Eyeballs

by Mr Roberelli


Roberelli Five! So glad to be alive! Heartfelt thanks to everyone for supporting us so well and helping us bring more music into the world. This latest album, as you may have noticed, starts and ends with "morning" songs - you may also pick up that "daybreak”, "sunrise" and the like get a fair few other mentions along the way. We thought of giving the album a name that reflects the morning theme, but went instead for the line which we all sang with such volume and gusto - "Like a million eyeballs!!!!"

We're sure you'll love singing along to this new collection of Roberelli tunes - as usual, the songs are about all sorts of things, from ladybirds to lost balls, from menacing trees to medieval heroes. Rochelle dusted off her old violin to add something special to this collection and we're convinced she'll play even more of that on Roberelli Six! It's not far away - just over the Line of Horus.

Love and thanks to the following friends for their fabulous musical contributions - Jen Gorbey, Stewart Allan, and the ever-helpful and talented Jeremy Mayall.


Paul, Rochelle and Rob


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