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Have a document that you need to print? Low cost Black and white printing as cheap as it comes.

A4 Black & White Copy Single sided, loose sets, on 80gsm Copy paper

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Step by Step help

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Step 1 - Choose a Quantity: this is the total number of document sets or books and then how many leaves the sets or books have - this should match what your PDF file contains.

Step 2 - How many leaves: In other words, how many physical sheets of paper are there?

Step 3 - Colour OR B/W: Do you want to print in colour or black and white?

Step 4 - Double sided or single: this will apply to the whole document

  • If you choose a folded option your booklet will look strange single sided

  • If you have a double sided document you need to include blank pages if necessary to ensure correct pagination.

Step 5 - Select size: we only have A4 available at this stage

Step 6 - Select paper type: we only have 80gsm copy paper at this stage

Step 7 - Finishing Options: Most options are single sheets with staple binds/holes or wiro binding. With the Stapled Booklet option there are limitations and must be a multiple of 4. For more information go to Copy Centre Help

Summary: You will now have your price displayed, if N/A is displayed - either your selection or combination is not possible or not available at the moment.

Help using the calculator

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