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Standard CDR printed digital full colour, Bulk Packed

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Nobody else does short run disc printing at these prices! Create your own music CD or Printed data DVD. Branded DVD or CDs with your company logo look superb.

CD Printing and DVD printing are both printed using the latest Hi-resolution UV Digital printer, very impressive photo image reproduction.

If this is your first go, follow the basic steps and you will be on your way!

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Step by Step help

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Step 1 - Choose a Quantity: (this is total quantity - if you have 2 designs, and you want 250 of each - then you want 500 discs)

Step 2 - Select Disc type: CD or DVD media

Step 3 - Choose Case Type: At the moment, we only offer some basic case options.

  1. Plastic sleeve: are basically to protect the disc, made from a clear PVC plastic so you can see the print on disc - a very economical option.

  2. Slim Case: your standard Slim Jewel Case 5.2mm, black base and clear cover.

  3. Slim Mailer: is a different shape to the standard slim Jewel Case, made from an opaque soft plastic. This is great for mailing, as it is less fragile.

  4. Booklets & Inserts: Choose what inserts and booklets you would like with your case. You will have to choose an option that applies to the case you have chosen. If it does not match N/A will be displayed. Use the quick links on the left hand side ifyou are having trouble getting an appropriate match.

Step 4 - Artwork Variation: if you have one design, leave this on 1. If you want more designs you can choose up to 10 - for only a small extra setup charge. Make sure your artwork is supplied correctly, see CD/DVD Artwork Guidelines

Summary: You will now have your price displayed, if N/A is displayed - either your selection or combination is not possible or not available at the moment.

* All prices advertised are excluding GST unless otherwise stated and in New Zealand dollars. Please read terms and conditions before ordering and contact us if you have any questions. We deliver only with-in New Zealand, see delivery expectations

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