Who is Mr Roberelli?

Mr Roberelli is a band which produces exceptional children’s music. Band members Paul and Rochelle Depledge and Rob Wigley take their name from the elusive character who they claim gives them their material. The material is extremely varied, but is characterised by an “irresistible juxtaposition of words, rhymes and rhythm.”As British parenting magazine JUNO states -“ It’s hard to define Mr Roberelli’s music, and that’s a good thing. It really is unique.”


Visit www.mrroberelli.co.nz to listen to sneak previews of all the songs!

Why is Mr Roberelli special?

The songs of Mr Roberelli make children curious about the big wide world and, at the same time, about their own backyard. They are full of warmth, humour, and of memorable original phrases that have gradually become part of many households’ vocabularies. All the CDs are accompanied by lyric booklets, and are illustrated by songwriter Rob Wigley’s daughters. “The girls have been alongside the project since the very beginning and capture the songs in images much better than I ever could,” confesses Rob.