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Help is at your fingertips.

On your left you will find detailed explanations about various printing terms that you may not understand. We also have step by step instructions on how to create a print ready PDF from most design and layout programs. Please see the section Product Specific Help for detailed help on a particular product.

Failing all of the documented help on our website. Our team would be more than delighted to answer any of your questions via email

Below is a table to refer to for how to supply a file to us.


File Format


Created using ‘high quality’ or press settings.

Colour Mode

For optimum results convert to CMYK. Use sRGB  for RGB images.


300dpi for optimum results


Minimum of 2mm bleed on all edges

File Naming

File names should be short with no special characters.

Include the extension and good naming conventions eg TomBcardfront.pdf

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