Welcome to The Online Printer.

We're not a traditional printer, while we have been printing for about 13 years now, we have only used the latest modern digital printers and presses. We love the efficiency that online technology can provide and after years of trying to provide top quality digital printing at the lowest prices possible, we finally think we have touched on something to our liking. The Online Printer was born.

Contacting us - help@theonlineprinter.co.nz

We want to make a point about how to contact us. We don't offer a phone number. Don't think we won't get back to you promptly. Our factory is state of the art, all our press operators have access to email and are the best people to answer your questions, be they just technical questions or a status update on your job. We don't employ designers or sales staff, only production staff - this is part of our cunning plan!

We’ve now taken on a new printing approach

Reducing overheads and increasing efficiency by spending less time on the phone and focusing solely on our best skill set, printing!

More flexibility at the same great price due to our short run advantage gained through the help of modern technology and some clever thinking.

By only accepting print ready files, we can work more efficiently and offer you the same professional quality prints at a much reduced price.

All you need to know about ordering is on this website and our hassle free printing solution means you can quickly fill out an order with us, and leave us to take care of the rest.

If any issues come up with your artwork, ask your designers and they’ll be able to sort you out.
For any other queries, our printers are available through Facebook or email help@theonlineprinter.co.nz

Please note that as we operate on very tight margins, any changes in supplier prices will force us to adjust ours. But rest assured that our prices are still rock bottom.


Happy Printing!

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